Hydrogen Technologies for Sustainable Economies

HyTechonomy - The technological and strategic knowledge base for the transition from fossil fuels to renewable hydrogen


Electrolysers, storage systems and fuel cells for energy, industry and mobility

The overall scientific vision of the COMET-Project HyTechonomy is to provide the technological and strategic know-how basis for the substitution of the fossil energy carriers by renewable hydrogen.

We drive the sustainable hydrogen society, essential part of the global solution to the economic, ecological, social, and health threats of climate change and environmental pollution. The sustainable hydrogen society is based entirely on renewable primary and emission-free secondary energy carriers following the complete defossilization of our energy system by the total replacement of the currently predominant fossil energy carriers with green electricity and green hydrogen. 


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HyTechonomy aims to tackle all problems along the value chain of the sustainable hydrogen economy by research on the key hydrogen technologies: electrolysers, hydrogen storage systems and fuel cells in six sub-projects and two areas “Energy and Industry” as well as “Mobility”. In addition, identification of optimization potentials by sector coupling of energy, industry and mobility as well as the ideal combination of the key technologies are targeted.




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